Six Eyed Monster

Artist Interview

Six Eyed Monster Art curated by tomkurzanski

Tell us a bit about this design and the message or meaning you're trying to convey?
David: Like the Genie told Aladdin, "Remember... Bee yourself".
Stephen: Let it go! It's a fairly broad statement, but it's applicable to each of us throughout different times in our lives.

Where are you from?
David: The dirty 'Shwa. It's kind of like this:
Stephen: Acton, Ontario Canada. a.k.a nowhereville.

What is your most unexpected or exciting memory?
David: Getting canned from work. While not exactly a happy moment at the time, it eventually gave me the opportunity to do a job that I love (drawing things).
Stephen: Exciting would be something I relive often. Anytime I finally get access to something I've been waiting for. (like a video game or the bathroom)

If you could make anyone besides yourself Ruler of the Universe, who would you choose and why?
David: Skeletor. He's tried so hard for so long, I think the dude deserves a shot.
Stephen: I'd choose the squirrel from the movie Ice Age. Seems like he has his priorities straight.

Do you have any surprising talents or hobbies?
David: I can make farting noises with my hands. It serves as both.
Stephen: I have the amazing gift of converting oxygen to carbon dioxide. I'm doing it right now!!

Would you rather become a famous cartoonist or have a someone base a famous cartoon character on your life?
David: Famous cartoonist, for sure.They already made a cartoon out of my life. It was called Doug.
Stephen: Famous Cartoonist.

Would you rather have a dessert named after you or a sandwich named after you?
David: There's already a cake named after me. It's called a "beefcake".
Stephen: A sandwich. Not sure how appealing the "Stephen Gibson cake" would be...

Describe your ideal day.
David: Finally getting time to play all of the games that have been piling up on my "to beat" list.
Stephen: Work 8 hours, go home, play with kids, put them to bed and have some quiet time with the wifey watching Netflix and perhaps a video game or two! I'm a simple man.

Any shout outs?
YEAH! All those who like and share our stuff on facebook/twitter/instagram. Especially those who buy our shirts and send us photos. You gorgeous people!

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